From The Lumberwoods©

   From The Lumberwoods is a Young Adult Fantasy series with anime and video game influences written by Davis Kiel.  He is an aircraft mechanic by trade, living in the greater Seattle area. Growing up in the rainy lumberwoods, he has a keen insight into the forests and mountains he sends his characters into. Having spent numerous hours researching old lumberjack stories of fearsome critters, he’s imagined a world that mirrors our own where these tall tales run wild. 

   Set in an early industrial world powered by alchemical beryl stones, From The Lumberwoods has a long in-universe history recorded by The Church of The Nameless Scion. The Kingdom of Ulmass has often been at the center of conflict, ever since its formation after the Central Tribes Conflict. Now held mostly at bay by its larger neighbors of Minderland and Rintrania, Ulmass still seeks to expand its boarders. The residents of what used to be Grancell State can attest to that.

   When civil war broke out within The Kingdom, years of military experience became split, fighting to either dissolve the monarchy or to save it. The Government Reformation Order had begun as an idea before swelling into a full blown political movement. Hundreds of  thousands of lives were lost in protracted, bloody battles. When the Kings Standing Army finally put an end to the ill-fated revolution, its citizens were left to piece together their lives as best they could.

   But enemies had never been the only thing hiding in the woods, waiting to attack. Dangerous animals lurk in the shadows, waiting for anyone foolish enough to let their guard down. Building The Kingdom was a struggle with such threats, and now they again hamper rebuilding it. But Ulmass will not allow itself to be down for long, and already it's planning its next step on the global stage.