The Church

The Church of The Nameless Scion was established before even most countries were. The central figure of an animist religion, The Nameless Scion came forth from the empty expanse of the universe to watch over humanity, as well as the countless other souls spread across the lands. Though omnipotent, The Nameless Scion is not omnipresent. As such, some spirits have been elevated to become Guardian. Patrolling lakes, rivers, forests and more, Guardians carry with them the will of The Nameless Scion at their discretion to punish or praise as they see fit.

While most of the innerworkings of the Church are shrouded in mystery, it is still the dominant religion, operating beyond any political or territorial lines, and its calendar is accepted as a universal standard. Its members are denoted by green robes with white patterns on them. The more complex the pattern, the higher rank the member is within the Church's internal structure. On a battlefield, these green robes are the most beautiful thing a wounded person could ever hope to see. The alchemical healing they can perform is far better than what most military medic could hope to accomplish.

May The Nameless Scion watch over you.