The Bemming Republic

Breaking free from Rintrania in the year 416, after over ten years of war, The Bemming Republic has found itself involved in a number of conflicts since its formation. After rising tensions with the Kingdom of Ulmass, the first of such wars was trigged in 630 after Bemming Republic soldiers attacked Fort Thim within Ulmass. This war lasted until 635, with the Treaty of Drinsk being signed by both sides.

The Second Ulmassian War began in the year 691 in the town of Krist. Two years of war ultimately left both sides worse off with nothing to show for it but a tally of the dead. But The Republic learned a valuable lesson in that, from then on, they made sure to match the growth of the Ulmassian military with the growth of its own. If The Kingdom of Ulmass wanted Bemming land, it would only take it stained red with blood.

However, Ulmass wasn't the next to cross the boarders into the Republic. Rintrania came to take back what had once been its own in 710. By 712, Rintrania withdrew from a war it hadn't expected to lose. Since then The Bemming Republic has gone mostly undisturbed, always watching its neighbors, ready to again expel any foreign power foolish enough to send troops into the country.