In the year 40, according to the Church's calendar, the country of Rintrania was established. Initially, it had been comparable in size to Minderland, but when the Bemming Region broke free and became its own republic in 416, Rintrania found itself almost a quarter smaller than it had been just a few years before. Although it would try to reclaim these lands in 710, by 712 that hope had faded.

Rintrania and Minderland declared war on one another in the year 660 after an increasing series of small altercations brought on by both sides. The war concluded in 665 with a treaty being signed. Although no land boarders moved at all during the course of the conflict, both Rintrania and Minderland maintain they had been victorious.

Since the ill-fated attempt to reclaim the Bemming Region, Rintrania has been quiet, content to watch others struggle for power. It may be a country dominated primarily by farming, but that doesn't mean it's incapable of defending itself. With The Bemming Republic in a constant arms race with the Kingdom of Ulmass, it would be foolish for Rintranias own military to stagnate. Ulmass advances, causing The Republic to advance, and so in turn does Rintrania.