Established as a monarchy only three years after the Church of The Nameless Scion began its calendar, Minderland is only behind Leret in terms of oldest country. Its early years were mostly calm, although political power struggles weren't always bloodless. The death of King Ottem Fulmer Scorr IV in 525 saw the first major conflict that would become known as The War of The Hounds. His three sons, Fulmer V, Pleets Derch Amthra III, and Arjury Ryner Ulmass I all saw themselves as the rightful heir. Armies bearing one of the three dog-crests of a would-be king soon set out to claim the crown.

Although younger and having less troops, Ulmass I was by far the better tactician. Seeing the inevitable, Amthra III surrendered to Scorr V in 531. Now, rather than fighting two separate fronts, the combined forces of Amthra and Scorr were able to overpower Ulmass and force him and his followers in to the Central Lumberwoods Region. Scorr and his family line have remained in power of Minderland ever since, with the Amthra family being the second in line as Grand Dukes.

After a series of traded barbs here and there, Minderland and Rintrania declared war on one another in the year 660. This lasted for five years, when both sides signing a treaty. Oddly, although no land boarders changed in the slightest as a result of the fighting, both sides still maintain they had been victorious in the conflict.

The 705 Ulmass/Minderland Trade Agreement eased import and export restrictions between both countries. Since then, despite their early history, the two countries have adopted something akin to a sibling rivalry with one another, with war between the two being the last thing either ruling party wants.