The Kingdom of Ulmass

As fallout of The War of The Hounds within Minderland, Arjury Ryner Ulmass I was forced to flee into the Central Lumberoods Region in the year 531. There were, however, already people living in this area. This was of little concern to Ulmass I, who preceded to conquer the lands once held by the less advanced tribes. Unfortunately, much of the Pre-Ulmassian history has been lost, with little being known about the culture of these tribes. What is known is that they banded together to form the Central Tribes Confederacy to combat Ulmass and his army. After the Battle of High Plateau Settlement in 539 ended with a victory for Ulmass, the CTC disbanded, the fight no longer left in them.

After two separate, unsuccessful wars with The Bemming Republic (630-635, 691-693), Ulmass remained mostly peaceful until the year 868, when it launched a war with Grancell State. The State quickly fell to the larger forces, except for the previously autonomous Brane Island. Although that too was absorbed in a later campaign lasting from 885-887. It was shortly after the Grancell State Annexation, in 875, that Hagner Kulshen proposed the Government Reformation Order, hoping to redistribute power from the crown to an elected government.

The Ulmassian Civil War began in 895 with the death of Arjury Ryner Ulmass XIII, during the coronation of his son, Ulmass XIV. Only lasting three years, the civil war was rife with war crimes, terrorism and atrocities by both sides, the greatest of which was the destruction of Tilton with a bomb made of previously unknown beryl stones in 897. Having been in peace talks with Ulmass XIV at the time of the cities destruction, Kulshen set off a suicide bomb that claimed both his and the Kings lives. It took another year for The Fall of Malter to signify the end of the war, Ulmass XV declaring victory.

Following the end of the war, the KSA issues bounties for fifteen GRO leaders still at large. Of the Fifteen Bounties, three were killed in the process of being arrested, and five more followed the lead of Kulshen and set off suicide bombs in public areas. Of the seven taken in alive, no one in the public is sure what became of them. However, with the dark and bloody chapter finally closed, The Kingdom of Ulmass is ready to rebuild and move forward.