Beyond the Pyotrin Desert lies the country of Leret. Existing at least sixteen years before even the Church of The Nameless Scion was established, Leret is steeped in ancient customs and tradition. It is a secretive place that keeps to itself, not wanting to interfere with the politics of others and in turn not wanting to be interfered with. Although travel is not uncommon, the harsh trek across the Pyotrin limits it to all but the most hardy of traders. Still, parts of its culture has found its way over the sands to other places. Namely, it's food. When asked what they know of Leret, most people on the other side of the desert will point towards the closes Lereten restaurant with a shrug.

While most of the Pyotrin itself is inhospitable. located within the barren landscape is the Scion Caves, where The Nameless Scion resided while passing along their great knowledge to the rest of the world. It is views as a holy site, but due to it's location, only members of The Church strong in body and faith embark on the pilgrimage to see it. Even then, not everyone makes it there. Some don't make it back at all.